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We have prepared a map where you can find all the wake places in the World where you can go wakeboarding. Each spot has its own dedicated website where in addition to wakespot describing you can find a variety of useful information and photo galleries and movies.

We try to wakespots map was the most recent, and therefore if you think that the description of the site is not current, please contact us. You can also add a new location using the form located in CONTACT / add new wakepark.

If you want to add a comment / wakepark review created a special for this module which will collect your comments and opinions on the wakeparks. This module will create a ranking of the best wakespots in the World. We have created a 7 categories (action statement, wakepark features, gastronomy, accommodation, education wakeboard – instructors, costs of use, entertaining / events) users should follow when assessing the wakepark. When adding a wakespot review wakeparku validly is to describe in a few sentences your comments on the site.

So do not hesitate to add your wakespot review now.


Mile High Wakeboarding – Mile High Wake Park

Mile High Wakeboarding has created the ultimate gathering place in Colorado to come hang with friends and family of all ages - whether you...
twin cable wasserskilift wasserboard wakeboard wakespots germany

TwinCable Beckum, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Cableway 1: Rixen 5 towered counter-clockwise cableway (790 m) Cableway 2: Rixen 5 towered clockwise cableway (700 m) 3.: Rixen Master 450 (2.0) (300 m) 4.: Easy Start,...

Hydrous Cable Wake Park

Hydrous - Unleashed Wake Magazine's 2011 Cable Park of the Year with state of the art rails & features, in a beautiful park setting....

The Ranch Wake Park

We are please to announce that the 2012 season has started. After years of research and the dream of having a cable close to...

Velocity Island Park

Velocity Island Park is Northern California’s premier cable park for wakeboarding and wakeskating. Our state of the art cable park was designed to accommodate...
Go Wake Cable Park

GoWake Cable Park Mackay

GoWake Cable Park Mackay is Australia's newest wakepark, opening in late 2013. The Mackay region is home to some of Australia's most pristine beaches...