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We have prepared a map where you can find all the wake places in the World where you can go wakeboarding. Each spot has its own dedicated website where in addition to wakespot describing you can find a variety of useful information and photo galleries and movies.

We try to wakespots map was the most recent, and therefore if you think that the description of the site is not current, please contact us. You can also add a new location using the form located in CONTACT / add new wakepark.

If you want to add a comment / wakepark review created a special for this module which will collect your comments and opinions on the wakeparks. This module will create a ranking of the best wakespots in the World. We have created a 7 categories (action statement, wakepark features, gastronomy, accommodation, education wakeboard – instructors, costs of use, entertaining / events) users should follow when assessing the wakepark. When adding a wakespot review wakeparku validly is to describe in a few sentences your comments on the site.

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Chill & Wake Friedberg, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen 5 Tower counter-clockwise cableway FEATURES: - kicker - slider - gap box - Table AREA INFRASTRUCTURE: OPENING HOURS: April-May: 12 Noon-7pm June-August: 12 Noon-sunset September-October: 12 Noon-7pm PHONE: +49 089-900 19 600 EMAIL: WEB: COMPLETE ADDRESS: Am Eventpark 30 Aschheim, Bayern...
wakepark wakespot wakeboard germany seepark

Seepark Niederweimar, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen 5 Tower - Cableway Rixen Little-Bro system FEATURES: - Kicker L - Kicker L - Bank Ledge - Funbox - Funbox (rail) - Table Box - Kicker M - Rooftop AREA INFRASTRUCTURE: OPENING HOURS: April: Weekends...

Foxlake Wakepark

Foxlake Adventures is Scotland’s first cable wakeboarding park along with the UK’s only ropes course constructed over water. We are located in the heart...
Cable Resort wakeboard wakespot germany bernsteinsee

Cable Resort, Bernsteinsee Stüde, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen 5 tower-cableway (684 m) Rixen Little-Bro system (70 m) FEATURES: - kicker (right) - slider table - funbox (right) - rooftop - speed slider - kicker (left) AREA INFRASTRUCTURE: OPENING HOURS: April: Mon-Fri: 15:00...

Cable Park Singapore

Cable-Skiing or Cable Wakeboarding is basically water skiing or wakeboarding using the pull of a cable system that goes continuously around the lagoon. At...

Cowtown Wakepark

Cowtown Wakepark brings wakeboarding, the country’s hottest water sport, to Fort Worth in a whole new way – there’s no boat and you don’t...