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We have prepared a map where you can find all the wake places in the World where you can go wakeboarding. Each spot has its own dedicated website where in addition to wakespot describing you can find a variety of useful information and photo galleries and movies.

We try to wakespots map was the most recent, and therefore if you think that the description of the site is not current, please contact us. You can also add a new location using the form located in CONTACT / add new wakepark.

If you want to add a comment / wakepark review created a special for this module which will collect your comments and opinions on the wakeparks. This module will create a ranking of the best wakespots in the World. We have created a 7 categories (action statement, wakepark features, gastronomy, accommodation, education wakeboard – instructors, costs of use, entertaining / events) users should follow when assessing the wakepark. When adding a wakespot review wakeparku validly is to describe in a few sentences your comments on the site.

So do not hesitate to add your wakespot review now.


Bezpieczna Przystań / Warsaw Wake Academy

Warsaw Wake Academy Description


Wakeboarders, waterskiers, kneeboarders, wakeskaters, kitesurfers, and even surfers are all welcome at WakeMK. The Cable lets you ride all year round without the limitations...
Wasserski Löderburger See germany wakeboard

Wake Fun Staßfurt, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen 5 Tower cableway FEATURES: - slider - kicker 1 - kicker 2 AREA INFRASTRUCTURE: OPENING HOURS: From 16. April to 1. November:  Mon-Fri: from 14:00 Weekends: from 11:00 PHONE: 0175 / 4080372 0173 / 6936775 Fax:...

Epic Cablepark

An awesome new project in the Jakarta. The Full Size Cable is brand new and has an awesome shape for the best wakeboarding experience....

Wake Up Radzymin

SPORTS: wakebording, wakeskate, water skiing CABLE SYSTEM: two parallel Primus Duo cables, 180m and 200m tracks OBSTACLES: two WakePRO kickers (sizes M...

Glasfyrn Parc

Glasfryn Wakeparc is the perfect venue to try your hand at wakeboarding, towed by an overhead cable. Our friendly and professional staff offer one to...