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Products news and previews

Along with the latest news, get a first look at all the wakeboard clothing, gear and equipment.

Angelika Schriber joins the 3DRobotics Aviators team

Angelika Schriber: Such an amazing product and easy to use. Has so many amazing functions - Highly recommend you check this product out-@3DRobotics.com
Obrien Wakeboards - Breddas Board Presentation

Obrien Wakeboards – Breddas Board Presentation

Obrien Wakeboards release new board for Breddas crew. Check this funny Breddas wakeboard presentation and some sick shred actions at the end.

Nobile Rubicon Wakeboard

Nobile Rubicon wakeboard is designed to be used in cable parks or behind a boat, the Wake Edition utilizes all of our knowledge in...