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Presenting characters of our pothunters. How do they roll, what they can do and more. Get to know them.

Wakeboarding and the direction - Mattias Hoppe

Wakeboarding and the direction? – Mattias Hoppe

We didn’t grow up wakeboarding or with any other extremesport. We grew up doing gymnastics and trampoline, football and all different kinds of sports....
First ever Whirly transfer

First ever Whirly transfer – Breddas

Check out first ever Whirly transfer by Jeremia Hoppe - Breddas + many more!
Eric Worrall - Flatbar Session

Eric Worrall – Flatbar Session

Today’s special is…. Eric Worrall! His turn swings on a ramps are absolutely unusual. Back and forth he has ability to stay balanced on...

Hunter Hanson – The Fence

Hunter Hanson, wakeboarder, cable operator, professional show skie from Wisconsin, USA. Hunter has been wakeboarding in Florida, and show skiing around the world for...
Tommy Espada

Tommy Espada – Philippines 2013

Tommy wakeskater from Spain, killin it at Philippines parks.
Nick Taylor Sea Doo

Nick Taylor Setup

Wanna know a secret ? We can tell you right away how Nick Taylor is prepared for the upcoming 2013 season. His 38.5 board...

Antoni van der Wekken – Thai Wake Park 2013

Thailand 2013 was a really good and fun trip. I learn a lot of tricks and change my styl alot, with more transfers and...

Sunshine State of Mind – Frederic von Osten 2013

As the Beastie boys would say…Check-ch-check-check-check-ch-check it out! Frederic von Osten is trying new tricks at this season! As the video can shows he...

Nikita Martyanov – Thai Wake Park 2013

It's A Bird... It's A Plane... no it’s SuperNikita! There’s big possibility that You might love what he's doing becacuse .. He's flying! Check...

Dominik Hernler Traveler

Dominik Hernler ground rule-balance! Take his advice – ramps are not only to look at them = you can slide roll twist & shout...