This past Saturday, September 28, 2013, the international water sports exhibition INTERBOOT played host to the CASH FOR TRICKS invitational contest. Twenty of the world’s best wakeboarders fought it out for the crowd’s approval and a total of 5,000€ prize money.

20 riders from six different countries had been invited by Nico von Lerchenfeld to compete in two qualification runs for one of the nine glass cylinders for the cash to be given out during the final. This format allowed the riders to show off their best to the approving cheers of the numerous onlookers.

In the end Tobias Michel, Max Balser, Steffen Vollert, Brenton Priestley, Niko Kasper, Felix Georgii, Tim auf dem Graben, Antoine Allaux and hostNico von Lerchenfeld all made it into the coveted finals.
The nine finalists had reason enough to give their all — for the first time, this year’s contest featured a purse of 5,000€. In contrast to traditional contests, the riders were motivated to impress the public as well as the three judges. Only the rider who could thrill both with technical as well as stylish tricks, would be going home with a bundle of bills. Brenton Priestly turned out to be best at this, scooping up a total of 810 Euros. Second and third place went to Felix Georgii with 580 Euros and his buddy Nico von Lerchenfeld with 560 Euros. Trick highlights from the three included the double halfcab roll and the BS 360 transfer 50-50 FS 360 out from Nico von Lerchenfeld, the huge ollie to BS lipslide from Felix Georgii (GER), and also the huge double flip from Brenton Priestly.

Despite its ambition, CASH FOR TRICKS also proved above all that it is a contest by riders, for riders. For this reason, besides the finalists, the other eleven wakeboarders also each received 50 Euros as a thank-you. What an event!
Song 1: Turn To Cry (Instrumental) – Acollective
Song 2: Our Time (Keep It Heavy) – Black Magic Society



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