With LANGENFELD OPEN presented by O´Neill the world’s biggest cable park is back with their unprecedented international contest.

OPEN presented by O´Neill will be held on May 18th 2019. The key feature of the LANGENFELD OPEN presented by O’Neill will once again be the extraordinary feature setup of UNIT hacks combined with wave breakers.

LANGENFELD OPEN presented by O'Neill 2019_Anna Nikstad_by Chirs Lehnert


This year a hot fight is expected. Because only a third of the riders can survive the qualification. The finals will start at 3pm

LAO Format Grafik_menLAO Format Grafik_women

The course is limited to half a lap at cable 1. In various sections, special feature hacks combined with wave breakers are waiting for the riders. You can be sure that several riders from all over the world are already looking forward riding this unique setup and compete for the prize money totaling $10.000.

LANGENFELD OPEN presented by O'Neill 2019_Overview_by Stefan Eigner

First details on this year’s Unit hacks are here! Further hacks will be released soon. Stay tuned!

Pool & Bump on top + 2x Kicker, 2x Kicker L, Downtown section – Double Handrail + Ollie Barrier, West Rock RoofTop – Nico 1 Bank, Flat Bar – Double Bank, Double Incline Box.


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