After the successful Wakeskate Session 2018, we invite wakeskaters from around the world to join us for the 4 DAYS of WAKESKATING ONLY in POLAND July 19-22 ?
Spread the MESSAGE, its going to be sick! ????

The main base will be Wake Family Brwinów again and we will cross by the other friendly wakeparks in the area.
MESSAGE is –>>> ALL WAKESKATERS LETS BIND THE POWER!!!! Together means more :)

Here is first logistics details for those planning to join us. Reach out to us directly on FB/Insta, email: or ask Heca team Riders if questions come up.

– MAIN LOCATION and camp area for tents: Wake Family Brwinów, new full size cable started in 2017, 20km from Warsaw

– TRANSPORTATION FROM / TO WARSAW TO / FROM WAKE FAMILY BRWINÓW: Uber taxi, train or our private cars – ask us on the spot

1/ cable price for wakeskaters is 90 PLN/21EUR (1 day)

2/ sleepover on the camp – own tents: 20 PLN/4,5 EUR (1 day) per tent plus 10 PLN (2,5 EUR) per person; includes access to showers and energy

3/ sleepover on the camp – wakepark tents rental: 60 PLN/14 EUR (1 day) per tent plus 10 PLN (2,5 EUR) per person, sleeping bags not included; includes access to showers and energy

* payment in PLN currency by cash or card upon check in at the wakepark

– BAR at the wakepark: open morning to evening, breakfasts, lunch menu (home pizza, burgers, salads etc)

We are going to have plenty of ride time, chilling together, connecting people, Saturday evening – JAM SESSION followed by prizes and afterparty with DJ at Wake Family Brwinów.

As an option, for volunteers bi-level at the close by Wake for Friends Wakepark can be checked. We will check the interest and reconfirm the initial booking on first day of the session.


LINK –>>

Spread the MESSAGE, shoot the questions and see you there ??


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