WAKE GP 2014

Wakeboarding conquering Poland!

Three weekends, three different Polish regions and full of emotional moments of the water entertainment in the middle of summer, i.e. Wake Grand Prix Poland 2014 by MasterCraft!

This is a unique opportunity to experience during series of events the live atmosphere of water madness and see in action the greatest giants of wakeboarding. Any randomness, only the best enter a contest – it will happen! Sports enthusiasts from Europe, Africa, and America will compete for three awards at amount of 1500, 800 and 400 euros in each edition, and for exciting clash with the waves, specially delivered, Master Craft boats will kidnap them. Accounts of the events will be hosted by the Antyradio editors. White-hot emotions can be cooled while accompanying party Watersports Festival: explosive eclectic sound is the essence of a hot summer and a fantastic holiday. Today make note in your calendar:

Domaniowski Lagoon

Zegrzyński Jachranka Lagoon – Warszawianka Hotel

Wakeboard Polish Championship
Ełk – Brama Mazur – Promenade

Foundation Polish Water Sports Federation Plus is the organizer of a series of events Wake Grand Prix Poland 2014 by MasterCraft and Marina Domaniowska along with Sotop are implementing partners.

Wake up! Let yourself be carried away!

Press Office:

Wioletta Podgórska
mobile: 503 440 203



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