It’s been a year since your last film came out, with the awesome music, which I’m listening to date and still associate it with it. You’ve amazed the wakeboard world with jumping all those complicated and technical tricks. Now we are a few weeks after the release of Your last film ONE SHOT, which again lay bar way up high, even higher. We want all our readers to know a little of You, so in the beginning tell us where are you from and why Breddas? What does that mean, maybe there’s some story to that name?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]Breddas means brothers in jamaican, we are a big fan of bob marley so it came pretty natural:) and it’s easy for everyone to say.[/item][/list]

Ok. So, let us know Where can we see You more often? The best swimming place and where is Your home cable?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]There’s two places we really want to be, at home and in thailand.
In sweden uddevalla breddas wakepark where anyone is welcome:)
thailand winter time:)[/item][/list]

You’ve competed at the recent World Championship. How did it go? What is Your side of the countdowns and the judging at the competitions of that rank?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]It didn’t go that well.I will put my focus on 2.0 comps from now so i dont know what will happend.[/item][/list]

Does WAL Wake a lot Riders is Your favourite place to do, assign heavy tricks?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]It’s the only place where we can really focus on our riding with no stress so yes:)[/item][/list]

We believe that You are working at something smashing right now? What that tricks are?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]At the moment we focusing on rails because it’s fun to.[/item][/list]

As all the reporters ask celebs, what’s changed in Your life after ONE SHOT ?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]Nothing really we will just keep doing our thing and hoping some people likes it.[/item][/list]

You have a very strong acrobatic preperation, so maybe You would like to share with us and our daredevils some clues, advice how to manage those tricks? And how, really how prepare to that kinds of moves?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]Always jump as much trampoline as you can, a hundred times on a trampoline saves you a hundred times on the water. if you scared of a trick go jump out in the water. for body control it’s good to have a coach but you dont need one if you really start thinking about what you could have done wrong ;)[/item][/list]

Can You let us in on the next film.. Will we see a triple roll? You’ve raised the bar so high that some might think You set new standards and directions in the wakeboard. How do You imagine this discipline to look like in next few years?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]We get our inspiration from snowboard and putting our own wakeboard touch on it. so i really think double corks will be the next thing and with the wright shape and posistion of the kicker it’s possible. yes triple should be possible:)[/item][/list]

Thank’s Mattias for your time and keep up with the good work.


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