Hello Niko. You are a local rider here at The Bricks, what can You tell about this whole new center? As I remember there was only one big line and now there are two of them, right?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]Hey, yes i‘m a Local rider from The Bricks. I Like the cable very much it has become such an beautiful place to ride, i Love it!. Yes after they have converted the cable in the winter-break, there are two of this Sick cable Parks. So I‘m very glad to be a part of this.[/item][/list]

How much time do You spent at The Bricks>Does wakeboarding is the most important Thing in your life?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]I spend very much time at the Bricks, wakeboarding is nearly my whole life. But i‘m doing my A-Levels at school, so often i haven‘t enough time to go to the cable every day and ride from the morning untill the evening.[/item][/list]

Ok! So, we know a little of Your time spending, Now, Can you tell us, what is Your favorite obstacle here and the best trick that You’ve crushed on it?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]My Favorite Obstical is the Straight slider, because you got so much opportunities to make a trick. There is not Really a „best-Trick“ i‘ve done, but i prefer to modify my tricks on the straight Slider.[/item][/list]

What about the best air trick?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]I think my best Airtrick is the S-mobe 540° it is a lot of fun, and feels so great.[/item][/list]

Does the 6 pylons in the lift affect the amount of Airtricks?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]Yes for sure, it‘s way easier to get up really high, so you can do tricks like raley bs 5 or smobe 5.[/item][/list]

What are Your plans for this season, participation, maybe some new tricks?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]My plans for Contests are the German national Championship and the European Championship. Maybe to land the Smobe 720, but the most important point is to stay healthy.[/item][/list]

Which of The Bricks lifts suits you the best and why?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]They are mostly the same, both of them fits really good to me, and makes a lot of fun to ride. Also they have both of them have a really nice obstical park, so it‘s fun to ride them both at the same day.[/item][/list]

Only one question left, Who supports and sponsors Your career and dreams ?

[list][item icon=”128100″ ]I want so say Thank you to my Sponsors Billabong Europe, Liquid Force Germany and the Bricks for the best support I could have.[/item][/list]

So Stay healthy and keep riding
Peace out
Thank You for Your time and good luck at this season.


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