Aaron Gunn Joins Slingshot Wake

Slingshot Wake: Two-time Wake Park World Champion Aaron Gunn has joined forces with Slingshot Wake! At just 20 years old, Aaron is undoubtedly a leader in our sport and will continue to shape the future of Cable Wakeboarding for years to come. No one sends it quite like Aaron. He has become famous for his jaw dropping kicker hits and technical rail riding, and no board can handle his demands quite like a Slingshot. Aaron will be riding the 144 cm Terrain with KTV boots for the 2016 season as we work diligently to develop his signature model board design for future release. Over the next two weeks, Aaron will be working with teammate and film producer Steffen Vollert at his home park – Cables Wakepark Penrith – to produce a groundbreaking new video edit highlighting the dynamic combination of Aaron Gunn and Slingshot Wake.


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