GoPro Introduces #STOKED: Your happy place: now in an energy drink. Prepare to be more awesome.

GoPro Stoked contains ancient Amazonian super foods to help you achieve maximum radness. Because everyone knows that ancient Amazonians totally stomped it at terrain parks and crushed at all night MMO sessions, or whatever it is people drink energy drinks while doing. Acai? Yes. Quinoa? Duh. Goji berries? Please. We don’t just use the berries, we grind up the whole plant, berries, roots, leaves, bark, whatever. It’s all in there! Our super secret formula of highly caffeinated deliciousness also contains a soupçon of something not unlike the chemical composition of GoPro’s CEO Nick Woodman’s epic sweat. We know. Mind. Blown. From the greenroom to the boardroom, after consuming Stoked, your massive steez will emanate from every pore!
And the taste? Well, let’s just say that it gives your mouth a slow motion high five with every sip.
GoPro Stoked. Prepare to be more awesome.
Will make you feel like you can proximity wingsuit fly!
But unless you’re highly trained to do so, please don’t. It’s an energy drink, not a can of magical superpowers.
Actually, please don’t leap of anything (as pictured here) while consuming. You’ll just spill the drink all over yourself. Seriously. Even we used photoshop.



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