Wakeboarding is an amazing sport that exercises not just your whole body but also allows you to gain a better sense of balance. Just as with any other sport, wakeboarding has its own tricks and stunts that you can use to quite literally add a twist to your rides. They’re not always easy to pull off, but with the help of You Can Wake and a great app called WakeTips, you can master the many tricks of wakeboarding in no time.

Remember when Apple first launched the iPhone 3G and coined the phrase, “There’s an app for that!“? It’s more true now than it ever was, with Gaming Realms, the company behind mobile gaming website Spin Genie, saying that the market for virtual goods was worth $7.3 billion in 2010 and was expected to double by 2014. As of July of last year, the Google Play Store housed 1.3 million apps, and the iTunes App Store had 1.2 million, with many apps made for various niches. Ease of development for the platform has made it so many developers have been able to create apps that answer every need, and this has also given birth to great apps that house a multitude of content.

WakeTips is one of those apps born out of necessity, as wakeboarders everywhere sought to find a mobile source of inspiration and guides. The app contains instructions and illustrations, as well as video tutorials, of over 180 tricks you can perform on your boat, all available on your phone with no internet connection required (because really, how often do you have WiFi while wakeboarding?). The only catch is that the app costs $1.99, but it’s a steal for such a comprehensive app.

A word of advice, though: because the app houses all its content locally, you’ll have to make room for it on your phone. It’s a bit of a heavy download at 300+ MB, because it not only contains videos, but also pictures of great wakeboarding stunts that you can enjoy, as well as an interactive grab guide that shows you the names and illustrations of different grabs.

Do you use any other apps to try and learn different wakeboarding stunts?


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