Monzito Purugganan: Maxine Sapulette has been living in CWC for the past couple of months now. This IWWF well decorated shredder has been around the scene for as far as I could remember, coming back and forth to CWC since 2008 or so. I’ve managed to spend some time with her and was asked to make an edit for her. She told me she had a ton of GOPRO footage for me already. Well, most of that GOPRO footage consisted of beach trips, gun shooting, partying, motorbike rides to the hot springs, and all the other shenanigans that transpire when months of time are spent living in a cabin in CWC. Such is life at CWC.
She did promise to give me her dart board while we were playing Monopoly Deal. She is also now one of the latest members of the Republic Wake Team. Now watch her shred.


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