Tobias Michel (Silvio) has been on the DUP WAKE team for about 6 or 7 months now. Originally Spotted by Scotty Broome at an event in Europe absolutely shredding the course to pieces – Scotty went to chat to him, and realised his board was broken, and had been for some time – the choice was simple – this kid needs to be on DUP. It was super obvious he was good, and with some decent support he would be even get better.

Fast forward to Early Feb 2015. Tobi was asked to come to the Philippines for the Annual DUP photo shoot. A few of the riders hadn’t met him yet, nor did they know who he was. As soon as he started riding I literally heard one of team say “Why are you pointing the camera at me, just focus on Tobi and Antoni”

Long story short – you need to know who Tobias Michael is. Check out this edit below by Monzito Purugganan, shot earlier this year at CWC. It gives you a small glimpse of where Tobias Michel AKA “Silvio” is at | Right Now.

“Tobi has lived in CWC for a couple of months along with Manu Rupp, John Broer, and all the other regular local foreigners of Cdub. I’ve filmed them for a couple of weeks during the mornings. Whenever I tell them that tomorrow, we’re filming kickers, they always tell me, oh no, it’s way too early for kickers bro… Well, I ended up not getting some good kicker bangers, and Tobi was no exception. he did give me some real good slider hits though. Check it out, Tobi’s a sick rider”

Filming by Monzito Purugganan | Follow on Vimeo thezitoman
Editing by Monzito Purugganan with the help of Ian Curry-Lindahl, Manu Rupp and Antoni Van Der Wekken
Music: “Only Want You” by Eagles of Death Metal


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