Sam Light: Clips I have collected over the last 6 months travelling! I’m normally focused on Kiteboarding, I just wakeboard for fun when I get a chance so its hard to get good clips.. Mostly filmed at Liquid Leisure, big thanks for there support! By far the best cable I have been to, couldn’t be happier its my home cable!
UK – Liquid Leisure, Liverpool, New Forest
Australia – Bli Bli, Penrith, Mackay
South Africa – Blue Rock, Dirty Habits Playground
Germany – The Bricks, Langenfeld
Big thanks to my friends for filming along the way!
Andi Jansen (fs700), Ali Barrett (Heli Shots –, Tom Court, James Wol, Chris Simpson, Jake Kelsick, James Windsor, Craig Cunningham, Sam Medysky, Karl Herman, Neal Hilder, Zac Gwyn-Griffiths, Jim the Boat driver


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