This was something I wanted to try as soon a Unit came out with this pool. I thought I would have to speed the cable up to do it. So I worked out the best time with OWC to hit it. Early morning was the only time that would work with the park. As I was waking up riding into the pool gap. I quickly realized that I couldn’t use my edge to get speed because soon as I edged I would be out of line with the rail I was trying to land on. So I had the operator speed the cable up to 49k. It felt fast and I was out of control for a lot of the hits. After many slams the first morning of trying it I made one back board on the kink rail. I new it was possible to 270 it so I talked the guys at OWC into letting us come back and try it again. The second morning of trying it I felt way more commutable with the speed and how hard to push off the take off. I had a few where I was winding the windows down and not really locking into the rail. The cable was about to open so I got the 1 more call from the boys and everything camp together on my last hit. I was stoked as you can see by my uncontrollable fist pump at the end haha. Would of been way cooler if I didn’t clam it but I was just that stoked.


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