We’ve been wanting to visit our homies at Anthem Wakepark in Phuket, Thailand and the recently concluded Asian Beach Games gave us the perfect opportunity to do so. Here’s a short video of JV Tanjangco, Carlo De la Torre and Dre Tanjangco cutting some laps. From trying the new DUP Del Taco, catching up with some homies from the region, witnessing the RP wake team duke it out and place 3rd over-all amongst some of the best riders in Asian and checking out some of the awesome beaches and cuisine that Phuket has to offer, this place is most definitely #homiesapproved!

Special thanks to Rebecca Lek and Yok Chaiwat for being gracious hosts, till the next time homies! YIIIIIWWWWW!

Song by: Surf Bitches BEST FRIENDS


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