BREATHE is a story about wakeboarding in Argentina.

Starring : Matt Montoro, Stephane Lachenal, Ian curry-Lindahl, Ezequiel Marando, Lucas Gonzalez, Kai Ditsch, Ulf Ditsch, Iñaki De Echevarria, Simon Giovanelli, Francisco Costa and Juanito Bianco.

Musics :
Los Jaivas – “Todos juntos”
Men Without Hats – “Pop goes the World”
Gaetan Carpentier – “Reaching by Dream”
Kanye West – “Hold my liquor”
Gaetan Carpentier – “Don’t forget the travel”
Shocking Blue – “Never marry a railroad man”
New Order – “Bizarre love triangle” (instrumental)

A film By Jon Vital.


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