Heca Wakeskates: 9 days on route across Poland – Germany – Netherlands, 9 riders representing 5 countries in the same place, at the same time… We wanted to capture a piece of real wakeskate life and show how much we love this sport – through the Team of great riders sharing same dreams, same ideas, willing to put them into practice together and inspire the wakeskating passion in others.
Big thanks to our filming and photographers crew and to the partners who helped us make this wakeskate film possible!
Riders : Marcel Tilwitz, Adam Teperek, Moritz Thiele, Przemysław “Drops” Drosik, Lukas Winkelmann, Blaze Coles, Alexis Duverger, Marc Knallerbse, Dennis Schulz, Martin Karuso and Kuba “Jami” Jamaj.


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