Life Is Line – Full Movie

Life Is Line is a movie about cable wakeboarding, about life and traveling of best world’s riders.
It takes about two years to shoot this project. The shooting took place all around the world – in the USA, Sweden, Thailand, Philippines and Russia – in fact the film’s heroes, are in constant motion, making lines on the globe in search of endless summer. Nikita Martyanov, Gordon Harrison, Hoppe brothers, aka the Breddas, Dominik Guhrs, and Daniel Grant invite you to their favorite spots. They tell their stories, and talk about their vision of evolution of wakeboarding. And, of course, show some incredible riding with lots of stylish tricks.
Camera: Nikolay Tsarev, Nikita Martyanov
Edit and color: Nikita Martyanov
Graphic: Alexey Vahromov
Music: SRKP
Spechial thanks to Riders!


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