TAO – Daniel Grant’s Full Movie

TAO is a 30 minute video of 2015 Daniel Grant season review. Here is what he wrote.

Daniel Grant: So here it is… My 2015 Wake Season, in a 30 minutes edit produced by Brandon Thomas, with beats by Bear Karry.
A special thank you to RIP CURL and MONSTER ENERGY who supported the idea, sharing the vision of what I wanted to do in my 2015 season.

My 2015 season was to focus on this edit, The Wakeskate Tour and a handful of competitions. In the end, “The Wakeskate Tour” did not happen and I had three months of filming projects in X-Games/Real Wake and LF N’ Awesome.

The season was so different from what I planned, definitely different from what I have done in the previous years but I am so stoked on what has been achieved.
I want to say also a special thank you to Thai Wake Park for supporting me since I started riding. Thank you also to my other main sponsors Liquid Force and Spy who have supported me in the industry and allowing me to work on this project.
Next month, there will be a downloadable version, plus I hope a music only edit. If you wish to receive notifications of any of my videos, please go to waketao.com and subscribe.
A copy of the video is also on my Facebook Athlete page facebook.com/DANIELTURTLEGRANT.
I hope that you enjoy watching and can get pumped on your riding, as I do each and every day.
Daniel Grant.


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