No WORDS: Just WATCH! It is hard to describe how hardcore this edit is.

Graeme Burress: Hyperlite Wakeboards Insight part 4: “The Section”. Hardest I’ve ever worked on a part. I can’t thank Trever Maur and Hyperlite enough for giving me the opportunity to film this series. Check it out!

Hyperlite Wakeboards: INSIGHT culminates with “The Section”, a product of hard work, creativity and raw talent by both pro cable rider Graeme Burress and videographer Trever Maur. There are no words that can accurately describe Graeme’s section, the #Wakeboarding is jaw dropping, including so many “Never Been Done” tricks and super gnarly maneuvers. There is so much amazing cable riding packed into 4 minutes & 22 seconds that watching “The Section” leaves you exhausted at the end. Graeme’s goal was this: “I wanted to take my favorite simple tricks to bigger features and unique settings.” He accomplished that – and so much more.

Graeme Burress - INSIGHT - The Section_4Graeme Burress - INSIGHT - The Section_3Graeme Burress - INSIGHT - The Section_2Graeme Burress - INSIGHT - The Section


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