Istudiomo Trailer 2

Andrew Roehm: Well the time has almost come, 12.15.2017, that’s the day when the last three years of Istudiomo culminate into one final release. The website, the profiles, the articles, the social featurettes, the print media, and the full length film, all coalesce into the whole Istudiomo media project. There isn’t an easy way of portraying the multi-dimensional nature of the project other than just letting people live through it; experience it as it develops and grows. The end result will hopefully be something everyone will enjoy as much as we did making it, but first another trailer. Our debut trailer showcased the intensity of the riding of the film, but this second trailer is about the adventure and travel along the way. Istudiomo tries its best to showcase the progression of the riders while capturing the unforgettable adventures along the way. Wakeskating has taken us so many places. It’s only fair we take it to some new ones in return.


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