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We have prepared a map where you can find all the wake places in the World where you can go wakeboarding. Each spot has its own dedicated website where in addition to wakespot describing you can find a variety of useful information and photo galleries and movies.

We try to wakespots map was the most recent, and therefore if you think that the description of the site is not current, please contact us. You can also add a new location using the form located in CONTACT / add new wakepark.

If you want to add a comment / wakepark review created a special for this module which will collect your comments and opinions on the wakeparks. This module will create a ranking of the best wakespots in the World. We have created a 7 categories (action statement, wakepark features, gastronomy, accommodation, education wakeboard – instructors, costs of use, entertaining / events) users should follow when assessing the wakepark. When adding a wakespot review wakeparku validly is to describe in a few sentences your comments on the site.

So do not hesitate to add your wakespot review now.


WakeSport Ranch

Opened for business in spring of 2010, WakeSport Ranch was the first cable operated wakeboard lake in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Located at the...

Wakepark M-9

SPORTS: wakeboarding, wakeskate, water skiing, cycling, angling CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen cableway with 4 pylons, 980m long track, 10m high main rope, counter-clockwise ride...

Lake Powell Water World Inc

Lake Powell Water World Inc Test your wakeboarding skills with our giant winch that zips you across the water without need of a boat. Work on...

Bethy Creek Resort

Cable wakeboarding is a fun way to spend time on the water without the hassle of owning a boat and, learning at the wakebaord...

Wake Lake Hubertus

Sesitec system 2.0 (240 meters) 2 Large kickers 1 Olliebox Beachbar Phone: 690 858 211 Email: wakelakehubertus@gmail.com Web: www.wakelake.pl

Black Mountain Wakepark

Black Mountain Waterpark, Hua Hin, Thailand Phone: +66 (0) 8 0024 2836 Mail: info@bmwakeboard.com web: http://www.blackmountainwaterpark.com/