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We have prepared a map where you can find all the wake places in the World where you can go wakeboarding. Each spot has its own dedicated website where in addition to wakespot describing you can find a variety of useful information and photo galleries and movies.

We try to wakespots map was the most recent, and therefore if you think that the description of the site is not current, please contact us. You can also add a new location using the form located in CONTACT / add new wakepark.

If you want to add a comment / wakepark review created a special for this module which will collect your comments and opinions on the wakeparks. This module will create a ranking of the best wakespots in the World. We have created a 7 categories (action statement, wakepark features, gastronomy, accommodation, education wakeboard – instructors, costs of use, entertaining / events) users should follow when assessing the wakepark. When adding a wakespot review wakeparku validly is to describe in a few sentences your comments on the site.

So do not hesitate to add your wakespot review now.


Zanook Wake Park-zanook sunrise

Zanook Wake Park

On the west side of Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Zanook Wake Park is the only cable park in the city, located just 25-minutes by car...

Cajun X Cables

Cajun X Cables is Louisiana’s first Full size cable system. Operating with a Sesitec 6 tower system on 22 acres going clockwise with a...

Wake Nation Cincinnati

Wake Nation Cincinnati is the first and only full sized cable wake park in the Midwest! Our park allows both beginners and experienced riders...
Wasserski Eilenburg germany wakeboard wakespot

Wasserski Eilenburg, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen 5 Tower cableway (940 m) FEATURES: - kicker - slider - rail AREA INFRASTRUCTURE: OPENING HOURS: April-September: daily from 11am October-March: Wed-Fri from 3pm Sat-Sun from 11am PHONE: +49 03423 60 95 78 EMAIL: none WEB: http://www.wasserskianlage-eilenburg.de/ COMPLETE ADDRESS: Wasserskianlage Eilenburg, Sprottaer...

KC Watersports

  web: http://www.kcwatersports.com phone: +1 (913) 783-4300
wasserski zossen wakepark wakeboard

Wasserskipark Zossen, Germany

CABLE SYSTEM: Rixen 5 Tower cable + 2.0 FEATURES: - kicker right - kicker left - downrail - A-Frame - straight box - rooftop - handrail - uprail - rainbow - spine kicker (on 2.0) AREA INFRASTRUCTURE: OPENING HOURS: April-October: Monday-Friday: 3pm...