Lake Powell Water World Inc

Test your wakeboarding skills with our giant winch that zips you across the water without need of a boat. Work on your moves and try out the ramps and obstacle course for added excitement and family fun.You might even have a go on an aerofoil wakeboard for that extra dimension and maneuverability. Tucked in beside the Marina dock, the Water Park is your unique water sport playground. It’s just yards away from our boating community and the Marina Village, where friends can watch from the dock, and later, you can revisit all the fun, bask in your successes and laugh at your flops. That’s how our Water Park offers an exhilarating time that can engage the whole family with hours of entertainment whether you’re on the water or on the dock.

Be sure to join us for this summer’s wakeboarding competition on August 17th right here in our Lake Powell waterpark. Call our Marina Village store to register. 928-645-5900 Option 6.


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