We didn’t grow up wakeboarding or with any other extremesport. We grew up doing gymnastics and trampoline, football and all different kinds of sports. The truth is we hated that, always a pain in the ass to go practice. You all know what gymnastics looks like and that it’s not really the sport you can play around in..It was too serious. People were telling us what to do and how it’s done, pretty much all the time.

Right after that we became big fans of snowboarding. Why? Because it was bad ass, freedom and you really needed body control. But the very best part, YOU DON’T have to do like everybody else!
From the first day we started snowboarding we could actually practice with a smile on our face. (Our own opinion about grabs, it’s the beauty of the sport and that’s what makes it look sexy and awesome)

Snowboarding exploded and developed in so many different categories. None of them are wrong they are just different from each other but still the same sport. It all comes down to what’s possible on a board and pushing it in every way that they can.
We started wakeboarding because we wanted to do something similar during summer time.

It’s pretty much a copy of snowboarding but still different in many ways. Wakeboard is many years behind snowboarding and there’s a lot of things happening in our sport right now. Nobody can really control what’s happening. It’s popping up new things everywhere all the time. People just pushing it the way they want.
Don’t forget why you are doing the sport! Are you doing it just for fun, staying fit, the adrenaline kick, the freedom or just because it’s bad ass. No matter what, YOU are doing your OWN thing and nobody can take that away from you.

After the making of One Shot we know now that we are not even close to what’s possible on a wakeboard. Yes, in our video some of the tricks wasn’t the prettiest ones and maybe bad or no grabbed at all. But damn we had some flow coming up with new stuff. We know what style is it’s just that we didn’t have the time. Too busy inventing tricks;) High cable easier? Hmm not at all it took us three years to get use to the pull.. try for yourself. Whirly transfer.. We (Breddas) are not skateboarders we got bindings and we using it. Style will come.

This is just the beginning!
Haters if you don’t like the way your sport is progressing, please try to change it, it’s kind a cute♥


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