We started up as a boat camp but we are now proud to offer both Wakeboard, wakeskate and wakesurf behind our Malibu and also riding on our cable park!

Wake a lot is much more than just a wakeboard park, we are a family business and we take care of you as soon as you arrive to Thailand and we pick you up at the airport. Once you get to our half-island in the center of the lake with all the wakeboard action around it you can choose between our nicer air con rooms or our cheaper options. Once you have settled in you can take a swim in the pool, have work out in our improved gym, use our trampolines (digged down in the ground for safety), skate in our new mini-ramp and much more. If you would like to see more of Thailand than just the camp it´s no problem, we offer taxi service and we can help you with contact, booking or whatever it may be!

We are located only 60 km from the international airport , 70 km from Bangkok, only 20 km to Bang Saen Beach and 60 km to Pattaya. You can customize your stay with us after your own needs that includes riding, accommodation and also pick n drops at the airport. Choose if you want a relaxing vacation or a active stay with a lot of riding, training and other fun.

Phone: ( 66 ) 08 60450341 Mail: info@wake-a-lot.com Web: http://www.wake-a-lot.com/


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